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Big Post o' Threads

Stealing an idea from various players, but most specifically Glinda! That is, I've seen people doing things to keep track of all threads. Considering that four of my six characters have been here for over a year, these lists are obviously not going to be complete, but I can at least make an effort to keep track of threads from now on. So.

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Because it's been a while since I hurt people's minds with the Baldur's Gate novelization. Context: The party's just escaped from the Underdark, which means that Abdel's off to kill Bodhi, but Athans wanted an excuse to have him go it alone like Athans always has him do, so Imoen gets on the crazytrain. Also note that for some reason, Yoshimo lacks his lethal geas, letting Athans play favorites and have him die "heroically." As opposed to all the other characters that Athans just outright punks.

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Clear Skies

January 2010 Vacation

[There are buildings as far as the eye can see, some poor-looking, some rich-looking, and some even grandly designed in marble. People crowd the streets; traders, running children, even animals. Listening to the city bustle, Imoen looks content with nostalgia. For a brief moment, she also looks unsteady on her feet, but she simply leans on her companion for a moment and whispers into her ear:]

Welcome to Baldur's Gate.
Symbol of Bhaal

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So, Father's Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than by turning into your father? Right? IF YOU LIKE BOSSFIGHTS IT IS.

Long story short Irenicus steals Abdel and Imoen's souls which causes their nature as godchildren to go all wonky and it gets this real "I GET TO TAKE OVER NOW" attitude. In Imoen this is largely manifest in her random obsessions with blood and killing things. In Abdel, it manifests in turning into the Slayer, one of Bhaal's avatars. For a fun event, this will be happening to Imoen. (Unlike Abdel, I do not intend for the Slayer transformation to become one of her actual abilities. This is just for a bit of camp fun.)

So this post is to serve two purposes: first, heads up. This is why Imoen is acting kind of weird lately. And second, to explain how the Slayer is going to work.

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And that's all that comes to mind? The Slayer is not invincible, but should be a Good Challenge. A-although since I have to work during prime hours both days this weekend, the actual post will be on Monday. But time is a piddly little detail, yes?

I am, of course, open to thoughts, suggestions, and objections, especially if said objections are posed with appropriate Pheonix Wright-style pointing.
fer srs guys

Challenge of the Day

Icon related. Anyway, I found something of a masochistic challenge: Reading fifteen pages of srs discussion about whether or not 4th edition D&D Dragonborn should have boobs.

I wasn't even halfway through the first page before I had to resort to skimming. W-what the hell is this madness. XD Does this count as canon/fandom gone wild?

This blog provides an amusing, and generally less brain-hurty analysis of the...debate. If we can call it such.
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Post idea development/info dump

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Essentially, the Deck of Many Things is the Jemanji of D&D, except that in Jemanji you roll because you have to finish the game before this stuff kills you, and with the Deck of Many Things, you're just...drawing cards because you're a gambling risk-taker. In BG2/ToB, Abdel and a demon gamble against each other, the idea being that each would draw three cards, suffer through the effects, and the person who got the better cards wins.

My thought: "each Deck of Many Things is different," so it might be fun to do a post with a crack version--people participating make up their own cards and effects, which will be confined to the post/however long they want, through the magic of CAMP SPACE/TIME WARP because the Deck canonically screws with the very fabric of reality anyway. XD

A person might draw a card and be thrown into a CRAB BATTLE, or another person might draw a card and get a small snow fort, etc.

So. Those who read this journal: good idea, annoying and bad idea, Imoen just go jump off a cliff?