Imoen (buffleheaded) wrote,

12:05 PM me: I want the Bhaalspawn Trio. XD
Sarah: yessss XD
12:06 PM me: It's probably unintentional, but I actually draw some parallels between the Dead Three and the three Bhaalspawn.
Sarah: oooooh!
12:07 PM me: It occurred to me when I was drawing Imoen's backstory in stick figures. XD
Sarah: tell me XD
12:08 PM me: Okay, so the Dead Three were Bane, the tyrant, Myrkul, the necromancer, and Bhaal, the assassin.
12:09 PM They team up and go on many difficult and dangerous adventures to gain the power of Jergal, who had their godly aspects before them.
12:10 PM Well, then you have the Bhaalspawn come along; Abdel is the one who takes the place of Bhaal pretty much canonically...
12:11 PM And then you have Sarevok, who was going to rule Baldur's Gate, which makes him the tyrant...
And then there's Imoen, a mage. And with a tendency in BG2 to be creepy and obsessed with death. Placing her as the necromancer.
Sarah: ooooh....
12:12 PM that is VERY cool
me: And they team up and go on somewhat similar adventures for Bhaal's power. XD
Sarah: why, so they do!
12:14 PM me: And it's basically referred to as the Throne of Bhaal, just as the Dead Three were after Jergal's throne of power.

Conclusion: I am such a dork. But I still think it's pretty neat.
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