Imoen (buffleheaded) wrote,

BG1 intro movie.
Notes: For the time it was made, this was probably good animation. It's a rather cliche intro, with the heavily armored evil man laughing maniacly with glowy eyes...I think it's more interesting once you know the context, though.

BG1 ending movie--Sarevok's death.
Notes: This video is from the same time, but it feels better because they aren't failing at human movements. One might note that Abdel has a tendency to die in a similar fashion. Bhaal has a lot of children.

BG2 Shadows of Amn intro.
Notes: This is much improved on the videos from the first game. Interesting art, and it does an excellent job of summarizing the plot of the first game and leading into the plot of the second. Lookit Abdel's sillouette, isn't he just the cutest Bhaalspawn ever?

Shadows of Amn ending.
Notes: Bioware is still failing a little at human movement, but this is still better animated than the original game's intro. Note that there are seven men gathered at the table; I have an inclination to think this is foreshadowing to the plot of Throne of Bhaal, but ToB ended up with the Bhaalspawn Five, and they certainly aren't generic men.

I wasn't able to find the Throne of Bhaal movies, but I wasn't overly impressed with the introduction for it anyway.
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