Imoen (buffleheaded) wrote,

So, Father's Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than by turning into your father? Right? IF YOU LIKE BOSSFIGHTS IT IS.

Long story short Irenicus steals Abdel and Imoen's souls which causes their nature as godchildren to go all wonky and it gets this real "I GET TO TAKE OVER NOW" attitude. In Imoen this is largely manifest in her random obsessions with blood and killing things. In Abdel, it manifests in turning into the Slayer, one of Bhaal's avatars. For a fun event, this will be happening to Imoen. (Unlike Abdel, I do not intend for the Slayer transformation to become one of her actual abilities. This is just for a bit of camp fun.)

So this post is to serve two purposes: first, heads up. This is why Imoen is acting kind of weird lately. And second, to explain how the Slayer is going to work.

The Slayer, being the avatar of a god of murder, is really good at killing things. It's a spiky, naturally armored beasty that rips things up. It's also agile. So naturally the first thought is "...KILL IT WITH EPIC FIRE MAGIC" (or something similar)

And normally magic seems to be the heaviest-hitting stuff in camp. But no! The Slayer has insane magic resistance. Basically if a spell would directly affect the Slayer, it washes right over it and does nothing. But only if the magic directly affects it--here's what I mean.

Lina casts Dragon Slave, essentially nuking the entire area with an energy blast. The Slayer does not seem to care. Morrolan, however, uses a spell to rip a large rock out of the ground and drop it on the Slayer. It gets squished.

Morrolan has kindly volunteered to neutralize the spell resistance at some point in the bossfight, as this is How We Do It In Baldur's Gate. This will essentially give the fight two phases: one in which the physical fighters get their chance to show off, and one in which the magic-users will get to show off. Naturally, however, if your character has a way around the spell resistance, they are free to take full advantage of it. Furthermore, this is camp. Time and space is our bitch, feel free to go "lol this is after the Slayer's spell resistance is nullified."

To be particularly thorough: the Slayer has godly strength, and there isn't much it can't bash down if it gets the opportunity to do so. But it has to be able to reach something to bash it; it has no ranged attacks. Basically gunslingers would be Super Effective, as long as they don't let themselves get caught. Likewise, while the Slayer is largely immune to direct magical assault, it has no way of penetrating magical defenses.

And that's all that comes to mind? The Slayer is not invincible, but should be a Good Challenge. A-although since I have to work during prime hours both days this weekend, the actual post will be on Monday. But time is a piddly little detail, yes?

I am, of course, open to thoughts, suggestions, and objections, especially if said objections are posed with appropriate Pheonix Wright-style pointing.
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