Imoen (buffleheaded) wrote,

Theodon: Well dip me in broth and call me stewed, if it isn’t little Abdel! Why I haven’t seen you for nearly. . . umm. . . quite some time, anyway.
Abdel: Hello, Theodon, how have you been?
Theodon: I still remember you running about the keep in your little swaddling clothes, pestering the elders and spooking the cows. Ain’t that right Jessup?
Jessup: Surely was.
Theodon: Yep. Of course, you never did stay in those rags of yours long.
Abdel: Yes, yes, I remember. But how have you been?
Theodon: You’d be naked as a jaybird the moment someone turned their back on you. I remember the day that fella Blackstaff come floating in and there you were, tearing around the outer keep with Gorion hot on your trail. Took the cloak right off his back, you did, and made yourself just the cutest little. . .
Abdel: Yes yes YES, I remember. Could we drop it please? How have YOU been?
Theodon: Wait wait, I remember it all now! There was Khelben Blackstaff, trying his hardest to look important while you ran through the stables with his cape tied around your waist. Such a lark, eh Jessup?
Jessup: I thought I’d catch my death from laughing, I did.
Theodon: You and me both! Gorion was shaking like a leaf, he was so mad.
Abdel: A fun as this has been, I should really be going.
Theodon: Nobody was sure what to do, and then Kheldben mutters some words and catches you by the scruff of the neck with some sort of spectral hand. He hauls you out and drops you right in front of him, grabbing his filthy cape in the process. Everyone was scared, they were. Weren’t they, Jessup?
Jessup: Sure enough. Scared witless.
Theodon: Yep, and then old Khelben busts out in the biggest laugh you ever heard. Everyone in the keep was laughing like mad, except you, Abdel. You just stood there naked as the day you were born and wondering what the fuss was about. I tell you, those were the days.
Abdel: Um, yes. I think I’ll be going now.
Theodon: Oh certainly, little one. Stop by any old time though. I’ve got some paintings of you as a youngster I’m sure your little friends would love to see. Remember the one of Abdel on the bearskin rug, Jessup?
Jessup: Surely do. In the buff as usual.
Theodon: Cute as a bug, you were. Go play with your friends now. Go on.
[End Dialogue]
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